You made him do it, didn't you?

It was unsettling.

Kenn realized he had to tell Rolfe about the time he spent in prison.

Stick it out.

I can't understand his obsession with football.

Look at these photos.

As soon as you leave the station, turn left.

We associate the name of Darwin with The Origin of Species.


Beauty lies in the eyes of the one who sees.

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I know you miss him.

We'll find out later.

We have an examination in English today.


Johann spent all night at the bar.

We have to make a decision.

Why is everyone so tense?

Nelken is a fan of bicycle motocross, or BMX.

From early morning I had been oppressed by a strange melancholy.

They went to Sao Paulo.

I'm looking out for them.

I'll buy a gift for him.

I thought about giving my saxophone to Gregory as a gift.

They say that he is very rich.

If you say so.


I didn't participate in the conversation.

I had to find another solution.

You're the tallest person here.

I need to swim.

He's sure that he'll be able to pass the next examination.

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Hercules is the Latinized form of the name of the most famous Greek legendary hero, Heracles.

I met a group of hikers, some of whom were university students.

I can't give you any more details at this time.

Mr Ou has come to Japan to study Japanese.

He is off today.


She told me that I could sleep on the sofa.

He ate bread with butter.

She must have been gorgeous when she was young.


I want to go there once again.

The girls all made fun of him.

If I'd only read the contract more carefully!

The boat was alongside the quay.

You did that on purpose.

It is now in the best condition.

You gotta obey the laws.


Sometimes, I feel like a hamster racing on a wheel.

The city was ruined by the brutal force of nature.

Hurray for Italian women!

This is unexpected.

We were so close to getting it done.

The boy I thought was honest deceived me.

The cane works for training dogs, but people need instruction.

Please tell them where they need to go.

Do you think he still reads my messages?

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She stayed at home yesterday as it was so cold.

One recognizes the craftsman by his work.

Alexander was the only one who knew how to start a fire without matches.

Where did Earle go to school?

Watching the cat sleeping makes me feel better.

Tracey is very liberal with his money.

It is time to go to school.

I'm allergic to carrots.

Tony is outraged.


I'm sure he won't fail to keep his word.


Sandip ended up in the hospital.


I like seeing you glad.

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I need a distraction.


You should learn Esperanto.

This is my notebook.

I'd like a room facing the garden.

I never see this album without remembering my school days.

Children like playing on the beach.

What a mean fellow!

I didn't even notice when Samuel left.

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Her pillow was wet with tears.

Lucius has lived in Boston since 2013.

Aren't you enjoying yourself?

Both garage doors were open.

I'd better get started.

She ignored the warning.

The time-bomb exploded with a loud noise.

I've never done this.

There's been an accident.

This is perfectly legal.

He has helped the poor throughout his life.

I'm looking for Lanny now.

Milo could no longer hide his fear.


Pria became a hero.

Why don't I stay with Marci?

I come from a small town in the Midwest.

There is little water in the pond.

There's no risk.

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My kid is shy around strangers and always hides behind me.

You'll never be able to do that without help.

As the eyes of the old woman closed to earth, the eyes of the soul opened upon the hidden things of eternity.

Did you have a nice run?

His goal is not to earn money.

Don't get angry with them.

Peter is investigating.

The robber seized the bag from his hand.

Roderick doesn't know much about art.

A few hours nap will do you good.

Please sell me that.

I could not understand.

He made a fine job of it.


He told him.

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Saying no to unequal language rights isn't the same thing as paranoia.

Marvin wants to know what we're doing here.

They say nitrite is harmful to the colon.

I am very pleased.

What are we going to eat?


Gregor fell asleep during sex ed class.

Whose are these pens?

Don't stick your nose into my private life.

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Why do we need it?

Modern jazz is not my line.

We translated the report from English into Afrikaans.

Which is more important, economic development or environmental protection?

Sriram told me to give this to you.

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I've got a family to worry about.


People tomorrow will have different ideas.


It was a war no nation really wanted.

These people said the war was a civil war.

Is the tap water in Australia drinkable?

The leading brand of disposable chopsticks is Otemoto.

Alison cannot cook.


Did you buy this for them?

That's about it for today.

The public hold him to be innocent.

The smell was horrible.

She prefers a window seat.

How could anyone do that?

Then I walked upstairs to the dressing rooms.

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Why is it such a big deal?

I finally persuaded him to buy it.

I suggest you read what's written on that piece of paper I gave you.


Something has to be fixed there.

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How long have you worked here?

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We dined off steak and salad.

This song is beautiful and sad.

I hope everything's OK.

She is a good swimmer.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

He is what is called a man of culture.

He hit on the plan after long meditation.

Alfred looks very tense.

I don't want to go to work.

Esperanto is very useful.

I've been back home for a week, but I'm still suffering from jet lag.

Darren keeps Geoff's brain in a jar.

I sent her out of the room.

He was too drunk to drive home.

Can Jamie help us?

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Apparently in this library are precious books that money can't buy.

Did she really just say that? is one of the best websites to make new friends.


Don't come whining to me.

Lenora didn't want to tell Raja that her son was dead.

Everybody has his merits and demerits.

It'll have to be done forcibly.

I wasn't doing anything.

I'm going into town.

Sedovic didn't want to be sent to Boston.


Elliott told me he wanted to learn French.


He is proud of having been educated in the United States.

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Marlena shifted gears.

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I can't imagine a world without electricity.